Application Form

If you are an arts teacher at a Fayette County, Kentucky Public Elementary School (FCPS), please complete the form below in its entirety.

* Name of School:
* School Address, City, State, Zip:
* School phone number:
* School principal’s name:
  (Note: your school principal must be aware and approve of your Arts Partnership Program Support intent to apply. Inclusion of his/her name here indicates their approval of your Arts Partnership Program Support request).
* Percentage of students that receive free or reduced lunch:
  (overall percentage must be 75% or higher)
* School’s most recent CATS scores:
  (over the most recently combined two- (2) year period)
* Arts and/or humanities teacher (applicant) name:
* Applicant email address:
* Applicant phone number:
* Has your school previously received Arts Partnership Program support?:
* Description of planned arts initiative. In 150 words or less, please explain how the Arts Partnership Program Support will be used.:
  (Examples include, but are not limited to: school field trip to an arts performance, purchase of arts supplies or equipment, support of planned arts programming)
* Arts category/categories into which the planned initiative falls (check all that apply):
  Please refer to Arts Partnership Program Support guidelines for a description of each arts category.
* Amount of Arts Partnership Program Support requested?:
Are there opportunities for the AAF and its Corporate Partners and Sponsors to provide in-kind support?:
Are there opportunities for volunteer participation by members of the AAF, its Corporate Partners and Sponsors?:
* How does the planned initiative tie in to FCPS core curriculum:
* Anticipated outcomes. In 150 words or less, please explain the anticipated results/outcomes from the planned initiative:
* Are you willing to provide outcomes reporting?:
  Arts Partnership Program Support is contingent upon each applicant's commitment to report to the African American Forum, Inc. (AAF) the outcomes of the project or program. This outcomes measurement may include but is not limited to: providing photos, CDs, DVDs, newspaper articles, etc. (if applicable), and brief written essays by the students about the arts initiative and what it meant to them.
* How will your school acknowledge the AAF’s, its Corporate Partners and Sponsors partnership support and/or involvement from the start of the project or program until its completion?:
Is there any other information you’d like to share with us that may be beneficial during our process of considering your proposal? (150 words or less):